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7 Group Activities During the Summer Vacation

Group-based activities are advantageous for people with disabilities. These can improve physical well-being, and emotional and mental health as well.

And since kids are home for their summer vacation, today we are sharing 7 group activities to enjoy with kids. These will help you socialise while keeping kids entertained all day long.

So, read through the list and pick the ones which interest you the most.

1. Get creative with art

Art and craft activities allow adults and children to express their emotions. Art also acts as therapy for mental growth. And you have got many creative things to do with kids.

You can encourage kids to create designs with clay or decorate puppets with fabric. Or you can show them how to create papier-mâché sculptures, origami figures or an entire Lego world.

2. Paint the world red

Kids love to play with colours. And through painting classes, they can be kept engaged for hours. Whether you want them to use watercolours and paintbrushes or easy-to-use marker pens, they'll enjoy the experience.

You can show them how to paint with cotton balls, sponges, leaves and other things around. And painting colourful shapes on wood and stones will also be exciting.

3. Play music with your band

Learning and playing music with kids is another way to spend the summer vacation. So, form a group and start learning.

You can join a music course online or check free lessons on YouTube. You can also pick online music tools to explore sounds and rhythms with the kids. And you will soon be able to play a new music instrument.

4. Dirty your hands in the garden

Kids enjoy being out in the open. And you can use the opportunity to involve them in gardening and have fun together.

You can show them how to prepare the soil, plant the seeds, water the plants and other processes. Gardening will help kids build team skills and bond with nature. Apart from being recreational, gardening is also therapeutic.

5. Practice meditation

Meditation and mindfulness sessions are other ways to keep children engaged while taking care of their health.

If you already meditate and practice mindfulness, you can teach the kids. And in case you don’t, you can join online sessions and practice along with the kids.

You can also ask your support worker or contact us to arrange an in-home trainer.

6. Exercise

And what better than physical exercises could it be if you want to be healthy. So, check with your doctor for exercise suggestions and get the kids moving.

Light weightlifting, group sports or indoor games, whatever your doctor suggests, you can practice along with the kids. You can train them yourself or we can arrange sessions where you can exercise together.

7. Learn a new language

You can also learn and practice a new language with your group during this summer vacation. It will be fun for sure.

Online courses and language apps are available where you can be a student and practice with your ‘classmates’. These interactive sessions enable everyone to learn at their pace while keeping them engaged.


You have many group activities to try with kids. And you can reach out to your support coordinator to help you arrange and engage in different activities.

We also will help you come up with other fun options to connect and enjoy with kids.

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